Benign Skin Lesion Excision

Removal of skin lesions or tumors with minimal scarring.

Does a Skin Lesion Excision Require Anesthesia?

Removing a skin lesion does not require general anesthesia. You will be fully awake during the procedure. A topical or local anesthetic is often used to numb the skin in the area. This allows for greater comfort during your skin lesion excision.

What Should I Avoid Before a Skin Lesion Excision?

In the days leading up to your skin lesion excision, you will want to avoid excess sun exposure. Extended exposure to direct sunlight can cause a sunburn, which can irritate the skin and make your excision uncomfortable. You should also avoid any abrasive action on the skin, such as exfoliating treatments. This can increase the skin’s sensitivity and cause irritation before the procedure.

How Should I Prepare for a Skin Lesion Excision Procedure?

To prepare for your skin lesion excision, wash the area with a mild cleanser and pat dry. Do not apply anything to the skin. This includes creams, serums, moisturizers, cosmetics, or any topical treatments. Your skin should be completely bare and free of debris or chemicals when you arrive for your procedure. Other than this, there is no preparation required for a skin lesion excision.

How Long Does a Skin Lesion Excision Procedure Take?

Skin lesion excisions typically take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to complete. More extensive procedures may take longer. This is often the case for larger lesions or those in delicate areas. Complex skin lesions or those that may be malignant could require a procedure called Mohs surgery, which is much longer in duration. If your skin lesion requires Mohs surgery, treatment can take one to two hours to complete.

What Is the Recovery Process Like After a Benign Skin Lesion Excision?

Recovering from a benign skin lesion excision is very simple for most patients. Excision is an outpatient procedure, which means you will be able to return home immediately after your treatment is completed. Most patients can resume normal activities the same day. There is no downtime required after this procedure. 

Practicing proper aftercare is an essential part of the recovery process. Depending on the location of your excision, you may need to keep a bandage on the site for several days. Changing bandages and keeping the site clean is critical. You will need to clean your excision site with a gentle cleanser and may be required to apply an ointment or cream to the area. Your doctor may provide this to you or recommend an over-the-counter product that can be used.

Will There Be Scarring After a Skin Lesion Excision?

Potential scarring after your excision depends mostly on the size of your skin lesion. Small skin lesions can often be removed without the need for wide, deep incisions that require sutures. These skin lesions typically leave no visible scarring. 

Larger lesions require more extensive excisions that need sutures for complete closure. This can leave behind minimal scarring. Keeping your excision site clean and free of any bacteria will help reduce the formation or appearance of scarring.

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