What is breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation, or breast enlargement, is one of the most common and popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. It is a surgical procedure that is performed to increase breast size, fullness, or fix breast asymmetry. Breasts can be enlarged with Silicone or Saline implants.

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Before & After Breast Augmentation


What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

If you’re a woman who has never felt her breasts were proportional with the rest of your figure, this can change how you see your body. Most women who’ve had breast augmentation say it has increased their self-confidence. Here are some benefits of this procedure:

Extremely high satisfaction rates:

Women who have had breast augmentation are routinely surveyed in the months and years afterwards. They report incredibly high rates of satisfaction. A recent survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 98 percent of women felt their augmentation either met or exceeded their expectations. Over 90 percent of the women also said they felt the procedure increased their self-esteem.

Implants are proven to be safe:

Before any implants were initially approved the FDA studied them extensively. Later, in the 80s, when there was some concern about silicone and safety, the FDA conducted another, even more rigorous, study and found no link between health issues and silicone breast implants. Plus, modern silicone gel is now very cohesive, meaning it usually adheres to itself and doesn’t leak out into the breast pocket if the implant ruptures.


Implant durability is continuing to improve. Although most implants will need to be replaced at least once in a patient’s life, there is no specific timeline. Manufacturers guarantee their implants for at least 10 years, and many patients have implants that can last double that time. Plus, replacing implants is not difficult as Dr. Olack can simply enter through the same original incisions to remove the old implants and place the new ones.

Variety of options:

There are a variety of implants available from different manufacturers. These vary by the size, the shape, and the projection. This allows patients to choose an option that fits their goals, rather than adapting to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Candidates include women who want larger breasts, and those who want to restore the breast volume often lost as a result of pregnancy or significant weight loss. You may be a good candidate if you are:

  • In general good health
  • Over the age of 18 years old for saline implants
  • Over the age of 22 years old for silicone implants
  • Undergoing the procedure for personal reasons
  • Realistic about procedure expectations

Breast Implant Options

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There are two different types of implants that can be used during your procedure, silicone or saline. The best implant for you will depend on your goal, as well as body measurements.

  • Saline Breast Implants: Saline implants are great for patients over the age of 18. These implants are filled with sterile salt water, and are inserted when they are empty to be filled when placed.
  • Silicone Breast Implants: Silicone implants are an option for patients over the age of 22. These implants are filled with a silicone gel and are inserted pre-filled. These implants have a more natural appearance.

At your consultation with Dr. Olack, you will have an examination. Then, you will decide together the best choice for you and your body type.

How do I choose the size of my implants?

Breast implants are not sized like a bra. Instead, they are sized by the amount of material filling the implant shell, as measured in cubic centimeters. For instance, an implant may be 330 ccs. Dr. Olack has an implant sizing system that allows you to accurately visualize what different sized implants will look like on your figure. This helps take much of the guesswork out of choosing implant sizes.

How do I prepare for breast augmentation?

Augmentation doesn’t create a difficult recovery, so you don’t really need to prepare for an involved recovery. Still, you’ll need to plan to take at least a week off work to relax and let the healing process begin in earnest. You’ll need to expect to wear a surgical bra and then a support bra or strong sports bra for 24 hours a day for one full month. This isn’t a negotiable aspect of your recovery, as you want to fully eliminate any stress on your incisions.

As with any surgery, you’ll need to stop taking anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, blood thinners, and most supplements for one week prior to your surgery, as these can cause excessive bleeding.

You should fill your prescription pain medication prior to your surgery, but you may not even need it.

How is breast augmentation performed?

During your consultation with Dr. Olack, the two of you will discuss the options for your incision location. Implants can be inserted through an incision made around the areola (areolar), along the breast crease (inframammary), or through the armpit (transaxillary).

Augmentation is performed as outpatient surgery with the patient being placed under general anesthesia. The surgery takes about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Incision length is generally about one inch for placement of saline breast implants, and 1.5-2 inches for silicone implants. This difference is because saline implants are filled after placement, while silicone implants are placed already filled.

After the incisions are made, a pocket is created behind each breast that will hold the implant. Then the implants are inserted. Dr. Olack checks for symmetry and position and then closes the incisions with tiny sutures to minimize scarring.

Dr. Olack has extensive experience with various incision locations. He takes meticulous care to avoid injuring the nipple (to not affect sensation) or the milk ducts (to not impact breastfeeding).

Breast Surgery Patient Testimonial

“One of the most talented plastic surgeons not only in Arizona, but in the country.....I've worked with several coast to coast....And I've trusted him with my care and received superior results”

"Very friendly staff. Dr Olack is a terrific doctor. I have always trusted him as a medical provider. He has a great bedside manner."

- D.W.

Does breast augmentation require anesthesia?

Dr. Olack performs these procedures with the patient under general anesthesia.

What is the recovery from breast enhancement surgery?

Discomfort is expected after one undergoes breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Olack suggests that his patients take a week or two off of work and normal activities to promote a healthy recovery. We recommend that patients resume walking as soon as they feel ready. This is to help prevent the formation of blood clots. More strenuous activities should be postponed for several weeks following the procedure. Dr. Olack provides prescription medication to help with the pain associated with recovery. Some patients may be required to wear a special healing bra for a period of time following their procedure.

What procedures can be combined with breast augmentation surgery?

While some women want a "one and done" breast procedure, others are interested in combining multiple procedures for maximum results. The most common combination procedure is known as a Mommy Makeover. This procedure is a combination of a breast liftabdominoplasty, and liposuction. Many women who undergo a Mommy Makeover also choose to get a breast augmentation surgery to enhance their post-op appearance.

How long after my surgery will I see my results?

You’ll immediately see the change in your breasts. Of course, your breasts will be wrapped in bandages and you’ll be wearing a surgical bra or strong support bra. But, as soon as your bandages are removed, you’ll see the changes in your breasts. Augmentation doesn’t create a large amount of swelling, so your results will quickly be noticeable.

Are there risks to breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is considered to be a safe and effective procedure. However, it is not without it's associated risks. Risks for breast enlargement surgery include:

  • Bruising/swelling
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Changes in nipple sensation
  • Implant rupture
  • Infection

Dr. Olack is an experienced and trusted breast surgeon, therefore complications are rare. We advise you contact your physician if you are experiencing any of these side effects.

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