What is skin cancer resection?

iStock 1301763066 The word “cancer” can trigger a lot of emotions for patients, especially fear. Being diagnosed with cancer, thanks to continued advances in this area of medicine, is not a death sentence. At Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we can educate patients on what to look for in terms of skin cancer, including signs and symptoms that it may be present. With a proper diagnosis, patients can then work with the providers at our practice to discuss treatment options. For many individuals, skin cancer resection is a popular choice. 

What is skin cancer resection? 

Skin cancer resection is another term for manual excision of cancerous skin and the surrounding tissue, or margin. This is typically done with local anesthetics to numb the area before the cancerous tissue is removed. When this is performed, the incision is often closed with stitches or a skin graft/flap. If the area is quite large and results in a scar that presents as a deformity, patients may later consider reconstructive surgery with the team at our practice. 

Do I need skin cancer resection? 

Patients have a few different options when it comes to removing or treating skin cancer, and skin cancer resection is just one of them. Other situations may warrant alternative options such as chemotherapy or radiation. More precision treatments such as Mohs micrographic surgery, only provided by trained and skilled professionals, may be required, especially if the area of skin cancer is on a highly visible area of the face or body. During a consultation appointment with the specialists at Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, patients can discuss the pros and cons of each treatment and find out which one is most appropriate for their unique situation. 

Are you considering skin cancer resection? 

Show Low, AZ patients who have skin cancer present and are considering their treatment options may want to speak to a professional about the benefits of skin cancer resection. Call Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery today at (928) 537-6767 to request an appointment at the office, conveniently located in Suite #2A at 2450 East Show Low Lake Road. Our specialists are open to new and current patients seeking breast, body, and facial procedures.  

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