What can be accomplished with the ear pinning procedure?

istock 618033576 Patients who have aesthetic imperfections of the ears may be feeling self-conscious about their appearance. This occurs due to the natural size, shape, and position of the ear, or trauma that may have caused deformations. Some patients might have ears that do not sit close to the scalp, causing the ears to appear extremely prominent. When this impacts one’s self-confidence, it is time to speak to a provider about plastic surgery procedures that can help, including the otoplasty treatment.

What is otoplasty?
Otoplasty is a common term used to describe surgeries that impact the ear. One option when it comes to otoplasty is ear pinning. Ear pinning is a specific procedure used to address prominent ears that are positioned further from the scalp than normal. The treatment is performed to bring the ear closer to the head and reduce their prominence. The procedure is done as an outpatient surgery at Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Show Low, Arizona.

Who is a candidate for otoplasty?

Otoplasty procedures can be performed for both children and adults. Patients should be in good overall health and wellness and have an imperfection of the ears that they’d like to address. This includes the following concerns:

  • Extremely large and noticeable ears (mactoria)
  • Far ear projection from the head
  • Earlobes that are stretched or hanging, often due to piercings
  • Cauliflower or wrestler’s ear, or perichondrial hematomas
  • Birth defect sand deformities in babies, toddlers, and children
  • Problems with the ear tissue due to injury or trauma
  • Dissatisfaction of previous ear surgeries
  • Overall dissatisfaction with the appearance of the ear, including shape, size, and contours

During a consultation appointment, patients can speak to one of our providers about their concerns to find out if they are an appropriate candidate for this or other surgical and reconstructive procedures available at our facility.

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