Understanding the benefits of a breast lift with Show Low, AZ area professionals

istock 453911823 300x300 1 Sagging or drooping breasts can cause women to feel extremely self-conscious about their appearance, especially when it is unflattering while wearing a bathing suit or tank tops. The professionals at Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are available to help women to boost their confidence even after extensive weight loss, aging, pregnancy, or breastfeeding with a breast lift.

How Does A Breast Lift Work?

Over time, some women may notice that gravity is working harder and their breasts are drooping downward. Often, this also results in the nipples and areola sitting in a lower, downward facing direction. The breast lift works to reposition the breasts on the chest via several different methods. For some women, excess skin is removed, and the breasts are pulled upward for a more youthful position. The nipple and areola can be repositioned as well for a “perkier” appearance, and volume loss may be addressed with breast implants. Each breast lift is tailored to the patient to ensure the results they desire.

The breast lift procedure does require women to take time off of school and work to heal properly and avoid complications such as infection, excess bleeding, and noticeable scarring. Women who have children may want to enlist help during their recovery period, as they may be limited as to how much they can lift or carry for a specific period of time following their surgery. The surgeon will provide aftercare instructions for patients to follow which can reduce the risk of complications and infection, and these should be followed closely for optimum results. A follow-up appointment is scheduled to monitor the healing process and ensure the results have been achieved.

What Are The Benefits Of A Breast Lift?

A breast lift can:

  • Position the breasts higher up on the chest bone
  • Lift breasts that are sagging and drooping
  • Remove excess skin caused by sagging and skin laxity
  • Add fullness and youthful volume with breast implants
  • Reposition the nipple and areola for a perkier appearance
  • Improve a woman’s self-confidence when wearing tighter-fitted clothing

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