The Immediate Benefits of Juvederm

Fillers Juvederm Show Low, AZ Juvederm is an injectable filler used to provide lift to the cheeks, smooth lines around the mouth, and add volume to the lips. It can also be used to fix acne scarring and diminish the appearance of age on the hands. It is a FDA approved filler made from a naturally occurring substance in the body called hyaluronic acid. Unlike certain fillers, your results are immediately noticeable. If you are looking for immediate results to enhance your look, Juvederm may be a great option for you.

Am I a good candidate?

If you need a temporary fix for lines, wrinkles, thin lips, scars, or a loss of volume in the cheeks, Juvederm may be a great fit for your aesthetic goals. In preparation for your Juvederm treatment, you need to be in general good health and stop smoking or taking blood thinning medications. It is also important to have a realistic goal in mind in relation to what Juvederm can do for you. To further discuss your expectations and how Juvederm can enhance your look, schedule a consultation with us.

How long does Juvederm last?

It’s important to know that Juvederm injectable are not permanent. Over time it will naturally break down and be absorbed into the body. The amount of time Juvederm lasts is dependent on the patient and where the injection was given. For some, injections last around 9 months. Results of your Juvederm treatment are immediate, but you may experience some pain or redness in the days or weeks after.

Juvederm vs. other Facial Fillers

Juvederm is commonly compared to Restylane. Both are FDA approved and are made of hyaluronic acid. The main difference is the ability of Juvederm to settle more smoothly than Restylane. Juvederm is less likely to form a bump in the tissue but this also means it cannot be used to build up an area as well.

Schedule a consultation

If you are looking for immediate results to achieve a desired look, Juvederm may be an excellent option for you. Schedule your consultation today by calling us at (928) 537-6767.

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