Reasons for Needing an Otoplasty Ear Surgery

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Show Low, AZ area patients who are struggling with imperfections of the ear may want to speak to a professional about the benefits of otoplasty. An otoplasty procedure is an elective treatment considered by patients who require surgical correction of their ears. This is often cosmetic, though there are some medical instances when otoplasty may need to be done for the function of the ear. The providers of Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery welcome patients into the office to discuss the advantages of treatment with their surgical team.

What Is Done During Otoplasty?

There are many reasons why a patient may have an otoplasty procedure performed by our team of professionals. Knowing what the surgery can achieve and that the team of Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can help with the results is the first step in deciding if one is necessary.

Why Might Otoplasty Be Performed?

There are a myriad of reasons why otoplasty procedures are performed for patients. Below is just a few of the more common solutions:

  • Ear pinning – if the ears are very prominent, our provider can attach them to the head to reduce their projection.
  • Ear reduction – very large ears can make patients feel self-conscious, so the ear’s shape can be reduced dramatically.
  • Ear shaping – any unusual shape or appearance of the ear can be addressed using otoplasty.
  • Ear deformities – ear deformities can be improved with otoplasty procedures, including deformities caused from trauma, piercings, cancer, or other surgeries.
  • Genetic deformities – sometimes there are deformities that are present at birth that can be corrected with this surgery.
  • Ear appearance – patients with unattractive earlobes or ears that are highly creased or wrinkle may choose to have otoplasty done for cosmetic purposes. This includes ears that are pointed, or even “lop ears” which bend forward and downward.

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If you have any questions for our Show Low, AZ area provider or would like to have a consultation appointment to learn about the otoplasty procedure, the team at Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is here to help. Contact our facility by calling (928) 537-6767 and visiting our practice in Suite 2A at 2450 East Show Low Lake Road.

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