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Rhinoplasty Show Low, AZ After your eyes, your nose is the area of the face that a person notices when talking with you. Sometimes, whether due to genetics or an injury, the nose we have isn’t something we’re proud of. Maybe it’s a little too big or small. Maybe there’s a bump on the bridge. Maybe your nostrils are flared.

No matter what the flaw, it’s something you see every day and that can impinge upon your self-confidence. Dr. Olack can change that, however, by changing your nose through rhinoplasty, colloquially known as nose surgery, he can change your profile and give you facial harmony and balance between your nose and the rest of your face. Even if you have structural issues that affect your breathing, they can be addressed with rhinoplasty.

Dr. Olack’s approach

Although you may hear of this or that celebrity as having the “perfect nose,” reality is there is no such thing. Everyone’s nose is unique to his or her unique face. Dr. Olack believes that your nose should blend into your face, not be a version of someone else’s nose.

To do this, during your consultation the two of you will discuss what you like and what you hate about your nose. What would be the overall goal of the surgery? From there, Dr. Olack will study your facial structure, developing a plan for surgery that encompasses your changes, but keeps your uniqueness. A balanced, natural result is the goal, not changing the essence of your face.

The surgery

Rhinoplasty is usually done with the patient under general anesthesia. Adjusting the nasal cartilage is key to most procedures. To gain access to that cartilage, incisions can be made on the skin between the nostrils or on the inside. If possible, Dr. Olack tries to keep the incisions within the nose to minimize scarring.

Structural changes to change the shape or projection of your nose will involve changing the underlying cartilage and bone. Additional cartilage or bone may need to be grafted to improve the nose support or to refine the tip. The nasal bones may need to be fractured and re-positioned in order to narrow the bridge or if there is a significant hump that needs removing. If your bones have been fractured, Dr. Olack will place a nasal splint on your nose that will remain in place for about 10 days.

Rhinoplasty is a delicate procedure, so it’s important to trust the extensive experience and training of Dr. Olack. He can give you a nose you’re happy to see every morning in the mirror. Call us at (928) 537-6767 to schedule a consultation.

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