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How does microneedling work?

Dull, drab skin can happen to anyone. With skin services available at Olack Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Show Low, AZ, men and women can enjoy more beautiful skin with our professional staff using a procedure known as microneedling. What is microneedling? Oftentimes patients are unaware of microneedling as a treatment for the skin. Microneedling […]

Getting Ready for Halloween with a Treatment

Fall is here and we’ve waved goodbye to summer. We’re focusing on getting into the swing of things, going back to school, and getting ready for the holiday season. Before we can celebrate Halloween and get ready for the rest of the holidays, we really want to make sure we slow down and take a […]

Some No-Nos for Your Skin

Living in Arizona, it’s hard not to get more sun exposure than our skin would like. But come on, if our skin was calling the shots, we’d only go out at night or if we ever ventured outdoors in the daylight we’d be covered up like an Eskimo during a Saskatoon winter. But there are […]

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